Team Hong Kong for the IQA Quidditch World Cup 2018

Team Hong Kong made its debut in the IQA Quidditch World Cup in summer 2018 in Florence, Italy.

Players and staff

Manager - Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Head Coach - Samuel HUNTER BAXTER
Assistant Coach - Keith JONES
Non-playing staff - Willy TAM Chun Kui, Thomas YEUNG Lok
Willy TAM represented Hong Kong in the exhibition match at the Opening Ceremony

Team Hong Kong has 19 players in total. Click here to find out who they are.


Final ranking: 25 (out of 29 teams)

Day 1 - Group Stage (30 June 2018)

100* - 30
Hong Kong

50 - 70*
Hong Kong

South Korea
180* - 90
Hong Kong

180* - 0
Hong Kong

Day 2 - Knockout Stage (1 July 2018)

Lower Bracket - Round of 16

90* - 80
Hong Kong

Game to the 25th Place

50 - 120*
Hong Kong


The Committee for Team Hong Kong for the International Quidditch Association (“IQA”) World Cup 2018 (“the Committee”), formed by three dedicated Hong Kong Quidditch organisers and players, Thomas AU, Keith JONES and Chris LAU Kwun Shing, was responsible for selecting the members of Team Hong Kong. The Committee was established before the establishment of our Association, and, after our Association's establishment, continued to function to fulfill its original purposes, under the auspices of our Association.

There were two rounds of selection in total: the first round and the second round.