What is Quadball?

Originally from the book series Harry Potter and commonly known as "quidditch", quadball is a sport with a mix of elements from rugby, dodgeball, and tag. A quadball team is made up of 7 players who play with “brooms” between their legs at all times. Quadball is also a gender inclusive sport in which people of all genders can play together and are considered to be equal. At any times, a team cannot have more than 4 players of the same gender on the pitch.

The first attempt to introduce quidditch to Hong Kong was made by Willy TAM, a student from the University of Hong Kong. Quadball developed rapidly in Hong Kong when Chris LAU Kwun Shing, also a student from the University of Hong Kong, initiated the "Fly for Equality" Project in 2018 to promote quadball and gender equality in the University and the community. The project was a great success, thanks to the help of Thomas AU Ying Yau. In the same year, Chris and Thomas founded the Hong Kong Quidditch Association to govern the quadball scene in Hong Kong.