Team Hong Kong 2018 Selection (Second Round)

The Committee for Team Hong Kong for the International Quidditch Association (“IQA”) World Cup 2018 (“the Committee”) is formed by three dedicated Hong Kong Quidditch organisers and players: Thomas Au, Keith Jones and Chris Lau Kwun Shing.  The Committee, now under the auspices of the Hong Kong Quidditch Association, will be solely responsible for selecting the members of Team Hong Kong.  The Committee has selected 17 players after the first-round selection already.

All the below selection criteria comply with the rules issued by the IQA.  If you wish to dispute any information contained here, please send an email to [email protected].

Please visit–yZDw/view?usp=sharing for a PDF version of the selection guidelines (second round).


Age requirement
To be eligible for playing for Hong Kong, one must be at least 16 years old by 30 June 2018.

Additional requirement
To be eligible for playing for Hong Kong, one must also:

  • Hold a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card (“HK Permanent ID Card”); OR
  • Hold a valid Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport (“HKSAR Passport”); OR
  • Hold a valid British National (Overseas) Passport (“BN(O) Passport”); OR
  • Have at least one parent who holds an HK Permanent ID Card or HKSAR Passport or BN(O) Passport; OR
  • Have lived in Hong Kong for at least 3 years; OR
  • Have played Quidditch only in Hong Kong; ­OR
  • Have played in Hong Kong (and not their nation of citizenship) for at least the last international season (September 2017-present). ­ ­

Only those who meet both the age requirement and at least one of the additional requirements are eligible for Team Hong Kong.


A maximum of 4 players might be selected to Team Hong Kong in this round.  At most 2 males might be selected.  The Committee does not plan to select any reserves.


All interested persons are required to complete the online form ( and answer all the questions contained therein.  The Committee will be solely responsible for the selection based on the players’ ability, availability for pre-tournament trainings in Hong Kong and other factors deemed relevant by the Committee.  The Committee will select a team complying with all the aforementioned criteria regarding eligibility and composition.  Applicants will be given equal opportunities regardless of their race, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.  The decision of the Committee shall be final.


Interested persons should be certain about their availability for the IQA World Cup before applying.

Members should expect to pay for the expenses incurred in relation to the World Cup on their own, including their shares of registration fee, travelling costs and costs for sport equipment and jerseys.  Members’ availability for the IQA World Cup should not be contingent on the sponsorships available.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all vacancies are filled.

The selection procedure for 2018 is not a representation for eligibility or selection criteria for future years.  The Hong Kong Quidditch Association reserves the right to impose stricter requirements regarding eligibility and/or composition for future years.


Please direct all enquiries to [email protected].