The Hong Kong Quidditch Association is a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151), Laws of Hong Kong. Our Association is a National Governing Body recognised by the International Quadball Association. Our Association also represents Hong Kong in the Oceania-Asia Quidditch Committee.

Our Association aims at governing and promoting the sport of quadball in Hong Kong, connecting Hong Kong quadball players from various backgrounds, uniting local quadball clubs and teams, representing Hong Kong in international events, including the IQA World Cup, and promoting gender equality in Hong Kong.

Our Association is governed by our Constitution.

General Meeting

According to Article 5(a) of our Constitution:

The supreme authority of the Association shall rest with the directions of the General Meeting.

All members (including Individual Members and Club Members) can vote in the General Meeting.

Executive Committee

According to Article 5(b) of our Constitution:

When the General Meeting is not in session, the Executive Committee shall possess the authority of the Association.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of our Association. The President and Vice-President are elected by our members in the Biennial Election (or By-Election). Other members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the President, after consulting the Vice-President. The Executive Committee may appoint other officers to carry out specific duties.

To ensure transparency and fairness in the decision-making process, the Executive Committee enacts policies and regulations to guide itself in some aspects.

The following are the Executive Committee members and officers of our Association.

Session 2023-2025
President – Thomas AU Ying Yau
Vice-President – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Secretary - Jessie HO Sik Yin
Sports Director – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Promotions Director – Gordon CHOI Chun Hei
General Secretaries – Toby LAU Ting Fung, Kelvin NG Wai Hei

Staff not in the Executive Committee
Financial Officer - Ryan YONGMANVONG Chaimongklun
Events Officer - Alexander Zenso ITO-LOW
Advisor - Queenie WONG Kwan In

Session 2021-2023
President – Kelvin NG Wai Hei
Vice-President – Rachel LI Hiu Ching
Treasurer – Ryan YONGMANVONG Chaimongklun (until 12 November 2022)
Sports Director – Thomas AU Ying Yau
Promotions Director – Owen YIP Tsz Hin
General Secretaries – Ananya PRASAD, Chris LAU Kwun Shing

Session 2019-2021
President – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Vice-President – Keith JONES
Secretary – Rachel LI Hiu Ching
Treasurer – Ryan YONGMANVONG Chaimongklun
Sports Director – Thomas AU Ying Yau
Promotions Director – Kelvin NG Wai Hei
General Secretaries – Anson LEUNG Lok Hin (until 13 February 2020), Owen YIP Tsz Hin (from 13 February 2020), and Katrina MACDONALD

Staff not in the Executive Committee
Promotions Officer – Owen YIP Tsz Hin

Session 2018-2019
In office from 10 March 2018 to 29 September 2019
President – Thomas AU Ying Yau
Vice-President – Keith JONES
Secretary – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Treasurer – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
General Secretary – Anson LEUNG Lok Hin (from 9 April 2018)