Victorian Dragons won the first-ever Hong Kong Quadball Cup

May 18, 2023 • HKQA

On 29 April 2023, our Association organised the first-ever Hong Kong Quadball Cup, with two participating teams, the Hongkong Hydras Quidditch Club and Victorian Dragons. Victorian Dragons became the Champion, as Hongkong Hydras QC was beaten in the first leg and forfeited the second leg.

Players of Victorian Dragons celebrating with the Champion trophy

The Hong Kong Quadball Cup aims at providing local quadball clubs and teams an opportunity to play competitively and determining the best team and players in Hong Kong.

The teams

Hongkong Hydras QC, formerly HKU Quidditch Club, has been organising quadball try-outs and activities since 2015. Its team competing in the Hong Kong Quadball Cup included its captian Jessie HO, who will also be the captain of Team Hong Kong for the IQA World Cup 2023, and Sidharth SRIRAM (Hongkong Hydras QC's Chairperson). Hongkong Hydras QC was joined by Jay HOLMES (from Shenzhen; former Team UK Head Coach) and Taiki IDE (from Tokyo) as mercenary players.

Players of Hongkong Hydras QC

Victorian Dragons, a team managed by our Association, was led by the captain Queenie WONG, who will be playing for Hong Kong in the IQA World Cup 2023. It also includes Thomas AU (former Team Hong Kong captain), Chris LAU (manager of Team Hong Kong for the IQA World Cup 2023), and Aakash SRINIVASAN (player of Team India for the IQA World Cup 2023). Victorian Dragons was joined by Naoki UESAKA (from Tokyo) as mercenary player.

The full list of players is as follows:

Hongkong Hydras QC: Sidharth SRIRAM (#9), Jay HOLMES (#10), Gigi LAM (#22), Rebecca WANG (#42), Martin LAW (#44), Taiki IDE (#48), Jessie HO (#67)

Victorian Dragons: Tsz Fung TAI (#6), Yoyo KU (#11), Thomas AU (#21), James YAM (#22), Chris LAU (#26), Naoki UESAKA (#35), Peony LAU (#38), Aakash SRINIVASAN (#41), Queenie WONG (#99)

The tournament

The tournament consisted of a two-leg tie between Hongkong Hydras QC and Victorian Dragons.

Toby LAU acted as the Head Referee, with Kait MACDONALD and Gordon CHOI as Assistant Referees. Eric LAI was the flag runner.

In the first leg, with Chris Lau's flag catch, Victorian Dragons beat Hongkong Hydras QC.

Hongkong Hydras QC
70 - 150*
Victorian Dragons

Goalscorers (Hongkong Hydras QC): Sidharth SRIRAM (x2), Taiki IDE (x3), Jay HOLMES (x2)
Goalscorers (Victorian Dragons): Naoki UESAKA (x9), James YAM, Aakash SRINIVASAN (x2)
Flag catch by Chris LAU (Victorian Dragons)

Note: the score announced right after the match was 70-160*. However, the Tournament Director changed the official score to 70-150* after the tournament upon discovering an arithmetic error on the scoresheet.

Chris Lau caught the snitch!

Due to a lack of players, Hongkong Hydras QC forfeited the second leg.

You can watch the first leg of the match here.

Congratulations to Victorian Dragons!