HKQA adopts quadball as the new name of the sport

Aug 4, 2022 • HKQA

The International Quidditch Association (“IQA”) has announced that it is changing the name of our sport from "quidditch" to "quadball". The Hong Kong Quidditch Association (“HKQA”) welcomes IQA’s decision, and is pleased to announce that it is adopting “quadball” as the new name of our sport in Hong Kong. HKQA will rename the organisation in due course.  

“We believe that it is the right time to change the name of our sport. The change will be beneficial to the growth of the sport in Hong Kong and internationally,” said Kelvin NG, President of the Hong Kong Quidditch Association. “ After the change, we hope quadball will be perceived as a serious sport instead of a mere game associated with the fiction from which it originated.”

“This is an important moment in our sport’s history, and we are thrilled to be a part of it,” said Chris Lau, Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Quidditch Association and Chair of the IQA Board of Trustees.

As the only NGB representing a region which uses Chinese as an official language, HKQA will also determine an appropriate new Chinese name for the sport after full consultation with our players, and hopes that IQA will support such an endeavour. HKQA clarifies that there is no official Chinese translation for the new name and reports from certain media that the name of the sport in Chinese is now 魁地球 is wrong.