Remaining in office of the current Executive Committee, election and HKQA Membership 2019-2020

Sep 13, 2019 • HKQA

According to Article 8(g) of the Constitution of our Association, “in the event that no President of the Executive Committee is elected in the Biennial Election, the current Executive Committee shall remain in office after the current Session ends, until the earlier of (1) one month after the current Session and (2) the election of the President of the next Executive Committee in a By-Election.”  As the current Executive Committee failed to arrange a Biennial Election before the current Session ends, Article 8(g) applies such that the current Executive Committee of our Association remains in office for the time being.  The current Executive Committee sincerely apologises for failing to arrange the Biennial Election on time.

A By-Election will be held as soon as possible.  The current Executive Committee has appointed Mr. NG Wai Hei Kelvin to be the Chairperson of the Election Commission of the coming By-Election.  More details of the By-Election will be released in due course.

We are also pleased to announce the membership plan for 2019-2020.  In the new season, our Association will not be hosting any try-outs nor training sessions.  Instead, try-outs and training sessions will be hosted by the HKU Quidditch Club and Victorian Dragons.  Our Association will focus on, inter alia, the recruitment and management of Team Hong Kong for the World Cup 2020, promotion of quidditch to secondary schools, tertiary institutions and the public, and representing Hong Kong in the international quidditch scene.  We have reduced the membership fee of the coming season as a result of the aforementioned change.  To renew your membership, simply fill out the application form at and pay the membership fee according to the instruction listed on the form.

As an HKQA member, you can enjoy the following privileges:
• Purchase selected HKQA merchandise; and
• Play for Team Hong Kong in the IQA Quidditch World Cup 2020.

The membership fee is HK$50 (for full-time secondary and post-secondary students) and HK$150 (for others). Membership runs till 31 August 2020.

One would be deemed an HKQA individual member only when he or she has filled out the online application form AND paid the relevant membership fee.