Recruiting members of Hong Kong's delegation at the Asian-Pacific Quadball Cup 2022

Nov 27, 2022 • HKQA

Our Association is recruiting players for Hong Kong's delegation at the Asian-Pacific Quadball Cup ("APQC") in Hanoi, Vietnam from 17-18 December this year. The following information was previously published on our Instagram page and Facebook page on 11 November 2022.

Who can join? How?

Anyone who is currently based in Hong Kong and is willing to attend at least one quadball training session before the tournament can attend the APQC with us.

Players with no prior quadball experiences are welcomed.

If you are not currently based in Hong Kong, we encourage you to register with the organiser directly as a mercenary player.

If you are interested in playing with us, please send us a message on Instagram, Messenger or email ([email protected]).

Who will we be representing?

We are NOT sending a "Team Hong Kong" as the APQC is club-based instead of national team-based.

If the delegation consists of 7 players or more: HKQA will support the Hongkong Hydras Quidditch Club in sending a team.

Otherwise, members of the delegation will register as mercenary players and play for teams assigned by the organiser.

What are the travel arrangements?

We expect games to start early on 17 Dec (Sat) and end in the afternoon on 18 Dec (Sun).

We encourage players to arrive in Hanoi on Friday evening the latest, and players can return to Hong Kong on Sunday night the earliest. Therefore, as a minimum, players need to take half day of leave on Friday to attend the tournament. Daily direct flights are available.

Of course players are more than welcomed to stay longer at the beautiful city of Hanoi.

Is there any subsidy for players?

HKQA (and the Hongkong Hydras Quidditch Club, if a team can be sent) will conduct a fundraiser before the APQC to raise funds for players of the Hong Kong delegation.

We are not expecting a large squad so there is a good prospect that players can receive a good amount of subsidy.

Part of the proceeds of the fundraiser will go to the HKQA and the Hongkong Hydras Quidditch Club to support the long-term development of quadball in Hong Kong.