HKQA's Chris LAU and Thomas AU attended the Asian-Pacific Quadball Cup 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Jan 20, 2023 • HKQA

Chris LAU (General Secretary of our Association) and Thomas AU (Sports Director of our Association) attended the Asian-Pacific Quadball Cup 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 17 to 18 December. They played for Seoul Puffskeins as mercenary players.

Asian-Pacific Quadball Cup 2022 was the fourth edition of this prestigious club-based tournament in Asia-Pacific. A team from Hong Kong, HKU-Victorian Dragons, participated in the previous edition of the tournamnet in Korea in summer 2019. After three years of pandemic, the tournament is finally back! Unfortunately a team could not be sent from Hong Kong this time, but Chris LAU and Thomas AU nonetheless travelled to Hanoi to compete with other top teams in the Asian-Pacific region.

Seoul Puffskeins finished 6th out of 7 teams and secured one win against Hanoi Draco Dormiens. Thomas AU played as beater, chaser and keeper, while Chris LAU played as chaser, keeper and seeker.

"It was really great to see so many quadball players from Asia again after three years of pandemic, and I hope that a team from Hong Kong can participate in the next edition of the tournament," said Chris LAU.

Chris LAU (in blue shirt) playing as seeker in the game versus the Wasp Phoenix Assemble
Thomas AU (middle, blue shirt) carrying the quaffle in the game versus Hanoi Draco Dormiens - in which he scored 6 goals!

Photo credit: Duy Nguyen Media and Vietnam Quidditch Association

The full results for Seoul Puffskeins are as follows. AU played in all 6 matches while Chris only played in the last 4 as he only arrived in Hanoi in the morning of the first day of the tournament.

Day 1

Seoul Puffskeins 120* - 150 Sunrise Poseidons

Katayaburi 150* - 40 Seoul Puffskeins

Saigon Dragonflies 140 - 130* Seoul Puffskeins
(Based on the incomplete records, AU scored 1 goal)

Kaminari Monsters 140* - 60 Seoul Puffskeins
(AU scored 1 goal)

Day 2

Hanoi Dracon Dormiens 40 - 130* Seoul Puffskeins
(AU scored 6 goals)

Wasp Phoniex Assemble 130* - 90 Seoul Puffskeins
(AU scored 3 goals)