HKQA Executive Committee for Session 2019-2021

Oct 10, 2019 • HKQA

The By-Election of September 2019 of our Association, the purpose of which is to elect the President and Vice-President for Session 2019-2021, has been successfully held. On 29 September 2019, Kelvin NG Wai Hei, Chairperson of the Election Commission, announced that Chris LAU Kwun Shing and Keith JONES have been elected as the President and Vice-President of our Association respectively.

Our new President, upon consulting the Vice-President, appointed 6 persons to the new Executive Committee of our Association on 1 October 2019.

We are pleased to announce the new Executive Committee of our Association:

  • President – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
  • Vice-President – Keith JONES
  • Secretary – Rachel LI Hiu Ching
  • Treasurer – Ryan YONGMANVONG Chaimongklun
  • Sports Director – Thomas AU Ying Yau
  • Promotions Director – Kelvin NG Wai Hei
  • General Secretaries – Anson LEUNG Lok Hin and Katrina MACDONALD

The new Executive Committee will remain in office until 31 August 2021.