About Us

About Quidditch

Originally from the book series Harry Potter, Quidditch is a sport with a mix of elements from rugby, dodgeball, and tag. A Quidditch team is made up of 7 players who play with “brooms” between their legs at all times. Quidditch is also an increasingly popular gender inclusive sport in which people of all genders can play together and are considered to be equal.

About Hong Kong Quidditch Association (HKQA)

The Hong Kong Quidditch Association is a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151), Laws of Hong Kong. We aim at governing and promoting the sport of quidditch in Hong Kong, connecting Hong Kong quidditch players from various backgrounds, uniting local quidditch clubs and teams, representing Hong Kong in international events, including the IQA World Cup, and promoting gender equality in Hong Kong. We are a National Governing Body recognised by the International Quidditch Association.

Our Executive Committee and staff

Session 2019-2021
President – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Vice-President – Keith JONES
Secretary – Rachel LI Hiu Ching
Treasurer – Ryan YONGMANVONG Chaimongklun
Sports Director – Thomas AU Ying Yau
Promotions Director – Kelvin NG Wai Hei
General Secretaries – Anson LEUNG Lok Hin and Katrina MACDONALD

Staff not in the Executive Committee
Promotions Officer – Owen YIP Tsz Hin

Session 2018-2019
In office from 10 March 2018 to 29 September 2019
President – Thomas AU Ying Yau
Vice-President – Keith JONES
Secretary – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
Treasurer – Chris LAU Kwun Shing
General Secretary – Anson LEUNG Lok Hin (from 9 April 2018)

Important documents

Constitution of Hong Kong Quidditch Association

Team Hong Kong Selection Policy for IQA Quidditch World Cup 2020

Team Hong Kong Regulation for IQA Quidditch World Cup 2020

Team Hong Kong Selection Policy for IQA Quidditch World Cup 2020 (Special Round and Miscellaneous Provisions)