Our Association can only be run with the help of volunteers. If you want to be a volunteer for us, please send an email to [email protected]

Volunteer's Week (June 2019)

In honour of the volunteers who have put their time, effort and money into making quidditch happen and contributing to the development of quidditch in Hong Kong, we are introducing our executive committee members and a special person in the Volunteer’s Week!

Thomas AU (bottom left), our President, first played quidditch when he was studying in the University of West of England in Bristol back in 2014. Thomas was one of members of the Bristol Quidditch Club where he had many opportunities to play in many regional, national and international matches in Europe before graduating and coming back to Hong Kong. He helped starting the Hong Kong quidditch scene in organising trainings and sharing skills and techniques.

Keith JONES (top left), our Vice-President, has played quidditch the longest, since the season of 2011-2012, starting in UK. He started playing quidditch due to the Harry Potter aspect of the sport, before finding a sense of belonging within the friendly community. He played for the Keele Squirrels (Avada Keeledavra, back then), before getting involved in contributing to the founding and starting up of the Manchester Manticores, where he was on the committee and helped with organising, coaching, photography and running the facebook page. While with Manchester Manticores and graduating from university, Keith got more involved in Quidditch development aspects. Now on the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, Keith has been deeply involved in promoting the quidditch scene in Hong Kong, organisating quidditch sessions and sharing his experiences. Despite working full-time in Hong Kong, Keith has managed to volunteer his time, effort and money to make the sport he loves comes into a reality.

As a full-time student, it sometimes hard for Chris LAU (bottom right), our Secretary and Treasurer, to juggle so many commitments, assignments and tasks at the same time. However, Chris has managed to do just that. Chris got hooked on to quidditch through a study-exchange in London and attending 2017 Asian Quidditch Cup in Vietnam. Back in Hong Kong, Chris spearheaded the Fly for Equality Project and organised the first-ever quidditch match in Hong Kong by inviting Seoul Puffskeins, a quidditch team based in South Korea, to Hong Kong in 2018. Chris has been actively managing and promoting quidditch in Hong Kong, through many media promotions, and also represented the association externally.

Anson LEUNG (top right), our General Secretary, started playing quidditch in Hong Kong back in 2018. He helped a lot in conducting quidditch workshops, and also made a whole new set of hoops for the association recently.

Last but not least, Willy TAM (centre) is the first person to come up with the idea of bringing quidditch to Hong Kong and he implemented that idea by purchasing the first brooms and making the first hoops in Hong Kong back in 2015! His work laid the foundation for the promotion of quidditch and the real growth of the sport in 2018 with the introduction of the Fly for Equality Project.