Other committees (Session 2019-2021)

Election Commission for the By-Election of September 2019
Chairperson - Kelvin NG Wai Hei

Special Round Selection Commission established by the Team Hong Kong Selection Policy for IQA Quidditch World Cup 2020 (Special Round and Miscellaneous Provisions)
Member (as President of the Association) - LAU Kwun Shing
Other members appointed by the President - Kait MACDONALD, Keith JONES, Kelvin NG Wai Hei, Samuel HUNTER BAXTER

Anti-Harassment, Abuse and Discrimination Committee established by the Policy on Harassment, Abuse and Discrimination
Chairperson - Horace WAI Hoi Ching ([email protected])
Members - Joza KOT ([email protected]), Sidharth SRIRAM DHARMAPADAM ([email protected])